Talent Resourcing

Full talent resource

This service compliments the existing job board and can be used alongside the jobsite service.
It allows you to upgrade if necessary to using our in house resourcing team of Freight Forwarding recruitment specialists.

What can I expect from a freight industry specific full talent resource service?

  • This will suit the employers who don’t want to take on the full time expense of their own in house resourcing team.

  • It allows our clients to run a branded marketing campaigns and with the additional support of our recruitment team running CV/Resume Searches on your behalf on our back end CV/Resume database. This service requires far less support from your own HR team and is priced accordingly

  • For the hard roles to fill it is recommended that you upgrade to this level of service and for senior appointments or sales to a full executive search.

Talent resourcing

Will it suit our company?

  • If you’re a larger employer we would recommend you use it alongside some of the other services. If you upgrade to talent resource we will fill somewhere between 75 and 80% of the roles that present us with. Success rates are far higher with the additional pro-active support of our Freight Industry Recruitment Team.

  • For Sales roles and Senior Roles we would recommend that you upgrade to a full Executive Search to guarantee delivery of the top industry Talent. This service is highly recommended for the medium sized forwarders without their own in house recruitment team.

Features & benefits of using full talent resource

  Branded adverts

Our team of dedicated Freight Forwarding Industry recruiters will run a CV/ Resume search for you and approach all relevant candidates.

  Email job alert

Promote your company to
key industry talent


As soon as a job is posted on forwardingJobs.com
the site will email all of the relevant candidates

  Recruiter directory

Key talent will be able to list all
vacancies at your company

  Industry credibility

Advertise roles until they are filled
for a one of job posting cost

  Cost effective

You will be added to our recruiter
directory for adhoc approaches

  CV search

If combined with a resourcing
team can be very cost effective


Full access to the hottest candidates in
the Freight Industry on a daily basis

  Candidate attraction

Ongoing support from your account
manager to assist you with your account

  Business critical roles

Advertise all of your vacancies we can
fill all business critical departmental vacancies

Full Talent Resource rating





Other featured services

The full range of recruitment services available as we appreciate that every client’s needs are different.

An industry specific jobsite

For branded advertising campaigns

This will suit the larger employers who have taken the route of allocating their own in house resourcing team.

An executive search team

For snr appointments & sourcing the top 3%

This will suit the employers who are looking for the top 3% of the sector for a business critical managerial role/sales role.