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Software Developer (Remote)- Leeds -UK

Job Overview

Job Role

  • Responsible for building good knowledge of Europa Software Systems and a true understanding of Europa Business areas and practices relating to their team, through knowledge share between team members, to ensure effective solution design.
  • The ability to write code, which is performant, well formatted, efficient, easily readable, maintainable, appropriately commented and adheres to common best practices.
  • Takes initiative to utilize libraries, pair programming, modern language features and tools where appropriate to solve problems efficiently.
  • Responsible for completing code reviews of other team member work to ensure a high level of quality.
  • Attending and participating in daily stand ups, design and specification meetings, showcases and retrospectives as part of the AGILE work practices of the development team.
  • Leverages AGILE/XP principles to understand and suggest improvements to the development process to empower the team with better collaboration and communication.
  • Ensure you comply and follow our company values, which we refer to as ‘Our Approach to Business’!

Skills Required

  • A relevant degree (ideally in a computing or science related degree), or equivalent industry experience.
  • Excellent C# + .Net Core and/or .Net Standard skills
  • Experience of React/Angular or another modern web framework
  • WebAPI or another API framework knowledge
  • Good working knowledge of security concerns
  • Good MSSQL skills
  • Experience of working in an in-house development team.
  • Experience of WPF/MVVM

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