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Senior Import Customs Clerk – Basildon/Dover – UK

Job Overview

  • Salary offer ▵ £35,000 p/a

The Senior Import Customs Clerk plays a critical role in ensuring compliance with customs regulations and facilitating the smooth and efficient importation of goods.
They are responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of import customs processes, including documentation, clearance, and coordination with customs authorities.
The Senior Import Customs Clerk ensures that import activities adhere to legal requirements and that shipments are cleared in a timely manner.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Customs Compliance
    • Stay up-to-date with customs regulations, tariffs, and trade agreements to ensure compliance with import requirements.
    • Classify imported products according to tariff codes and determine the applicable customs duties, taxes, and fees.
    • Prepare and submit accurate customs documentation, such as import declarations, certificates of origin, and customs valuation documents.
  2. Import Documentation
    • Review and verify import documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and shipping documents, for accuracy and completeness.
    • Coordinate with suppliers, freight forwarders, and other stakeholders to obtain required import documentation in a timely manner.
    • Maintain organized records of import documentation in accordance with legal and company requirements.
  3. Customs Clearance
    • Liaise with customs authorities to ensure smooth clearance of imported goods.
    • Coordinate with customs brokers or agents to facilitate the submission of customs declarations and resolve any customs-related issues.
    • Communicate with internal teams, such as procurement and logistics, to ensure timely availability of necessary documents and information for customs clearance.
  4. Tariff Classification and Duty Optimization
    • Conduct proper tariff classification of imported goods based on product descriptions and specifications.
    • Identify opportunities for duty optimization and cost reduction by utilizing preferential trade agreements, customs duty exemptions, or other applicable regulations.
  5. Process Improvement
    • Continuously evaluate and streamline import customs processes to improve efficiency and reduce lead times.
    • Identify areas for automation and digitization to enhance accuracy, speed, and compliance in customs operations.
    • Provide guidance and training to junior staff members on customs regulations and processes.
  6. Compliance Audits and Risk Management
    • Assist in conducting internal compliance audits to identify any non-compliance issues and implement corrective actions.
    • Identify and assess potential risks related to import customs processes, such as customs duties, trade restrictions, or prohibited goods, and develop risk mitigation strategies.
  7. Stakeholder Management
    • Collaborate with internal departments, including procurement, logistics, and finance, to ensure effective coordination and communication regarding import customs activities.
    • Maintain professional relationships with customs authorities, customs brokers, and other external stakeholders to facilitate efficient import operations.


£35,000 p/a

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