Regional Ocean Implementation Senior Manager – Miami – USA

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Manage and support regional and country ocean freight business implementation teams and resources.
  • Identify and evaluate account business requirements to properly implement accounts with emphasis on meeting and exceeding the customer requirements with regards to performance and recommend improvements to increase quality and reduce quality-related defects to evaluate and measure results.
  • Provide monthly business summary of ocean account with implementation data for the Americas Region. Topics include but not limited to revenue, volume, trade lanes, performance data and areas of improvement.
  • Drive accountability and accuracy as per the Global and Local Implementation Procedures and use checklists to meet implementation timelines
  • Escalate process- and handling deviations/issues to Senior Management and applicable stakeholders
  • Ensure that implementations are launched on time, properly signed off and operating “flawlessly” to customer expectations.
  • Review, validate, govern and sign-off customer business requirements against DB Schenker standards
  • Evaluate customers operational requirements differing from DB Schenker’s standard ocean operational processes and ensure proper approvals have been received with emphasis on system development and or resource commitments have been properly funded
  • Accountable in development of Customer Standard Operating Procedures and Customer Requirements Documents
  • Continually review processes and exceptions to processes and make recommendations for improvement to ensure the accounts being implemented are operating in a steady state
  • Monitor operational compliance to customer requirements. Develop management action plan to achieve customer requirements and reports as required
  • Demonstrate strong communication, organization, and prioritization skills in implementation decisions with substantial fiscal impact to company
  • Participate in and contribute to external customer meetings and/or workshops.
  • Design operational solutions in close cooperation with the country- and global business implementation managers including final sign-off
  • Serve as facilitator and lead during implementation process reviews with staff and follow through to ensure compliance or revisions to original plans.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other departments to ensure the ocean implementation process is managed.
  • Actively engaged and proactively be part of the sales cycle with Business Development and Tender Management with emphasis for planning and resourcing during the engagement at a Pre-implementation phase.

Deliverables & Achievable

  • Any decisions made during the ‘COP’ phases of “Solution Design” and “Prolongation or Termination” impacting ocean freight operational processes and/or operational costs/expenses
  • Informed:
  • All general management guidelines, processes and developments of importance to the execution and mapping of ocean freight processes
  • All KAM/Sales related guidelines, processes and developments of importance to the execution and mapping of ocean freight processes
  • All IT related guidelines, processes and developments of importance to the execution and mapping of ocean freight processes
  • All tactical decisions made- and strategies implemented during the ‘COP’ phases of “Business Development” impacting ocean freight operational processes and/or operational costs/expenses


  • Required education: Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics or equivalent formal dual education and work experience in international ocean freight forwarding
  • Strong knowledge of DB Schenker’s global, regional, and local ocean freight applications, SOPs/guidelines and regulatory/compliance rules
  • Work closely with business/operational professionals to capture details of processes at a level that reflects the actual flow
  • Effective presentation skills to command and engage groups in a variety of settings, while being organized and prepared to effectively presents business requirements
  • Works independently and in a group environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Building effective teams
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Effective communication skills and professional communication etiquette
  • Perform well under pressure
  • Effective planning skills to be able to anticipate the scope and complexity of situations or deliverables and effectively evaluates and breaks down work, develops process and controls, assigns work and schedules resources accordingly.
  • Is prepared and expects barriers, challenges, uncontrollable variables and adjust plans, accordingly, measuring results.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage time
  • Ability to lead staff and yields desired results
  • Understanding of the ‘TANGO’ TMS and its operational systems capabilities/limitations
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications

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