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Operations Manager – Laredo – USA

Job Overview

Key Deliverables

  • Monitor the following key metrics and support to achieve the expected results:
  • People
  • Timely Performance Reviews every 12 months.
  • All team members to complete 52 hour training per year (4.33 per month) and training timely.
  • Use team feedback to adapt and maximize the leadership quality and impact – Yearly Direct Report Survey.
  • Operation Efficiency as per defined measurements:
  • Product OPA Audit Result – Perform consistently at the highest level.
  • DXR  – Air & Truck 24 hours, Ocean 7 Days after LOG/COB.
  • UCE Clearance – 2 business days after DXR.
  • CEK KPI – 24 hours after DXR for Air and 48 hours for Ocean & Truck.
  • ESP – 48 hours after RLS.
  • INV – 1 hour after RLS.
  • AUA – Clearance within 48 hours.
  • Freight arrived to Entrada Log
  • Entrada Log to Previo Started
  • Previo Started to previo Completed
  • Work order ready to load complete
  • Productivity
  • Revenue to Expense ratio – Meet or exceed the budgeted annual ratio.
  • Shipments per Person – Improve SPP ratio by 10% each year.
  • Quality
  • EDI Data Quality – 100% accuracy (EDI no EDE).
  • EDI Error Resolution – All EDEs resolved within 5 days.
  • Finance
  • Profit contribution to Budget – meet or exceed budget.
  • Revenue to Budget – meet or exceed budget
  • Expense Control – Remain at or under budget.
  • A/R within terms – 100% of A/R within 30 days of customers’ credit terms.
  • Reserves – No Reserves (A/R, Provisions, Intercompany).
  • Customers
  • Customer Loyalty – Business reviews every 3 months score 100%.
  • Customer Meetings – At least 8 face to face meetings per month.
Administration and Personnel Management
  • Exemplify and Teach Our Culture, Mission and Goals.
  • Follow the 10 Critical Success Factor and the ‘What’s expected of a Manager’ guidelines.
  • Prepare and manage staff for continual growth. Develop your number two create and ensure a personal development plan is followed.
  • Design and Establish a structure to cover the operational needs of the team, taking into account future growth.
  • Manage and monitor service execution within the Customs Brokerage team.
  • Ensure that department is properly staffed, structured and organized and interview regularly.
  • Ensure all needs and tools required are available for the Department to be successful in all areas.
  • Engage with team members daily, conduct check-in meetings regularly assisting them with ongoing feedback, coaching and mentoring.
  • Be visionary as it relates to managing staff, processes and tools to be able to handle volume spikes, growth locally or supporting other branches.
  • Build healthy cross-functional relationship and work environment, promote team spirit and cohesiveness in the department.
  • Ensure that company controls, policies, procedures, processes, are understood and implemented.
  • Ensure that company’s third party broker operational standard procedures are properly followed.
  • Ensure oversight, including self-assessments and daily monitoring so that issues are resolved at the root cause level
  • Support, and execute and update department TBP, goals and expectations and monitor the progress towards the goal.
  • Support all Employee Satisfaction initiatives.
Operations, Compliance and Customs Expertise
  • Effectively manage and monitor service execution within the Imports and warehouse operations. Drive efficiency and control workflow within business unit.
  • Efficient management of the coordination of the Brokerage team on initiatives and projects.
  • Lead efficient operations process of SB warehouse daily activities from receiving to dispatch.
  • Ensure effective and timely support of customer warehouse onsite requirements.
  • Maintain highest compliance levels for all necessary and applicable Customs and other government agency controls and requirements
  • Manage capacity and drive efficiency, monitor and improve productivity, work with staff on capacity and issues.
  • Meet with supervisors weekly to review current business operations, reasons for the increase or decrease of services, customer requirements, complains, share new information, etc.
  • Make certain that client specific instructions are clear and detailed to ensure that desk level staff can properly process shipment and invoice for services
  • Ensure strong knowledge of all Expeditor systems, especially MAS, CFIT & CRM
  • Provide deskside training to department as needed such as but not limited to:
  • National customs regulations
  • Operational  and customer service execution
  • Customer communication, interaction, development and maintenance
  • Client specific requirements
  • Keep updated at all time customer legal file (Domicile, legal name, contacts, standard operational procedures)
  • Monitor that CFIT files are logged correctly and timely with proper codes, trace types and events according to Expeditors operational standard procedures
  • Work with branch compliance manager to understand and trend discrepancy root causes in department IDMA audits and implement necessary training and actions.
  • Monitor and improve productivity indicators, using department productivity reports.
  • Ensure that all correspondence within business unit is handled timely and professionally.
  • Develop optimum efficient processes without sacrificing compliance, oversight or controls.
  • Stay current with developments and changes in regulations or company offerings; educate staff as these happen.
  • Understand requirements of participating government agencies.
  • Ensure there is a workflow or management reports to oversee and manage the operation and control workflow within the team (e.g.) inventory levels, productivity, losses etc…
  • Constantly look for areas to improve efficiency to offer customers better cycle times and service as well as control costs.
  • Actively participate in the optimization of systems and tools and continuously improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of the service to our customers.
  • Set the tone of this environment within your department.
  • Monitor and improve key District Excellence and Global Business Operations metrics applicable to your team (e.g.) trade compliance, finance etc…
  • Ensure the system reports are utilized at the level of frequency required to effectively manage operations.
  • Escalate necessary issues to District or Branch Manager
  • Monitor that all files are timely and correctly billed.
  • Monitor that all billing packages are timely mailed or electronically transmitted.
  • Comply with all our policies, including the credit policy.
  • Monitor on a regular basis and understand composition of designated accounts top 10, revenue and file type.
  • Manage all billed not paid and paid not billed items for proper handling and closing.
  • Monitor entries for proper use of bill codes, GL codes and file types.
  • Support with follow up when necessary to solve customer A/R communicate with customers regarding either late payments or invoice discrepancies.
  • Ensure invoices from third party brokers are reviewed against their tariffs proper processing.
  • Review and monitor accounts profitability at the customer and file level of the team top 10.
  • Assist on the preparation of the yearly budget and manage the efforts towards meeting budget
Sales, Marketing & Growth
  • Maintain and develop relationship with current Brokerage customers.
  • Actively involved with sales, customer retention and development, and account management to maintain and develop relationships with existing and new customers, and to develop and bring new customers into the department.
  • Work with T&I and account management to make certain that customer requirements are both understood and properly implemented.
  • Actively participate in customer visits and calls and ensure that they are documented in the corresponding database.
  • Prepare effective customer presentations and updates when needed
  • Support sales teams in the region


To be the most effective in this position we are looking for the following skills and experience
  • Degree (preferred level): Bachelor’s degree in MX customs / foreign trade or equivalent convention of education and experience.
  • 2-3 years experience in MX Customs Brokerage.
  • Warehouse experience (preferred)
  • 2-3 years Supervisor experience
  • Has completed country specific certification in Customs Brokerage if available.
  • Hands-on knowledge of Customs clearance function.
  • Exhibit a leadership style that empowers, coaches, mentors, and fosters a cohesive team environment always prioritizing employee satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction oriented.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to communicate at all levels written and oral communication and presentations.
  • Ability to relate and influence clients, service providers and employees at all levels.
  • Strong time management skills and attention to detail.
  • Problem solving and business analytical skills.
  • Strong project management skills, and ability to multitask.
  • Ability to complete work within standard procedures, guidelines and office policies.
  • Self-driven personality and good business sense are expected.
  • Strong computer skills, including knowledge of all Microsoft Office applications.
  • English and Spanish fluency.
  • Commitment to Exemplify our culture at all times.

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