Operations Development Analyst – Westerville – USA

Role Purpose

The role of the Innovation Analyst involves bolstering the corporate innovation program through the introduction of new projects, active involvement with project teams, and thorough examination of cutting-edge technologies that align with the company’s strategic goals. This individual will play a pivotal role in aiding research, experimentation, adoption, and market introduction of innovation projects across the entire organization.

In this capacity, the Innovation Analyst will take on the responsibility of advancing innovation endeavors by applying engineering principles and facilitating the knowledge transfer process. Collaborating closely with business units, their role will encompass providing comprehensive assistance to ensure the successful integration of novel concepts that enhance business value and improve customer engagement through the deployment of innovative solutions.

Key Accountabilities

  • Innovation Project Support: Collaborate on innovation projects aimed at accelerating DHL Supply Chain operations performance, effectively contributing to targeted revenue and profit growth
  • Driving Digitalization: Take an active role in propelling the Accelerated Digitalization process, orchestrating activities ranging from idea inception, delivery, and ongoing performance monitoring
  • Strategic Analysis: Provide vital support for strategic projects, encompassing tasks such as primary and secondary research, data analysis, presentation preparation, sharing key findings, and offering general assistance
  • Business Collaboration: Foster close partnerships with business units to ensure seamless integration of innovative solutions, with a focus on enhancing business value and elevating customer engagement
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: Play a pivotal role in facilitating effective training and knowledge transfer to site users and others, ensuring they are well-versed in the operation, maintenance, and issue resolution of performance tracking tools/systems
  • Process Improvement: Create and nurture an environment within the analysis process that encourages open, free-flowing involvement and the exchange of ideas, while integrating the latest process methodologies
  • Technical Support: Provide critical analytical, design, and technical assistance for research, proof of concept, and deployment projects, contributing to their successful execution
  • Problem-Solving Expertise: Share your knowledge of problem-solving tools at the regional level, aiding in the resolution of operational challenges and driving improvements
  • Operational Insights: Offer support for generating key business insights that lead to enhanced operational efficiency through innovative solutions, benefiting both individual sites and the broader region
  • Reporting and Presentations: Contribute to the Global/NorAm DHL Supply Chain Innovation reporting and presentation activities, providing valuable insights and data to show case progress and accomplishments
  • Additional Duties: Perform other duties as assigned, displaying flexibility and adaptability to contribute to diverse initiatives as needed

Job Description

Supports Operations Development agenda of business planning, organization development, OE reporting, analysis and administration, strategic alignment of DHL Supply Chain businesses and various projects by providing analytical support, including owning responsibilities within Operations Excellence’s reporting scope, and supporting Operations Development project teams to fulfill overall team responsibilities.

Supports DHL Supply Chain businesses by supporting projects that Operations Development is involved in, fulfilling requests from Operations Development leadership that will leverage a broad skill set.

  • Operations Development
  • Assist projects that will accelerate DHL Supply Chain operations performance, supporting targeted revenue and profit growth.
  • Actively participate in Operations Development process from idea creation, to delivery, and ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Work closely with RPM engineers, Process Improvement Advisors, OMS deployment team, senior Operations Excellence leadership, and IT to aid in the overall success of OE programs.
  • Operations Excellence Departmental Reporting, Analysis, Administration
  • Assist with completion in monthly financial and operations reporting and analysis, including both scheduled and as needed requests, including working with DHL systems and engaging with sites to gather data.
  • Provide support for key business insights that lead to improved operational efficiency, both at the site level and region-wide.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Provide assistance for strategic projects including conducting primary and secondary research, completing data summation and analytics, preparing presentations, presentation of key findings, and general support.

Required Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, Industrial Engineering, logistics or related field, required
  • 0-3 years of experience with supply chain —either full-time or academic internship, required
  • 0-3 years of experience (may overlap with other experience) managing projects and leading others (directly or indirectly), required

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