Headford UK

Operations Coordinator – Aberdeen – UK

Job Overview

  • Salary offer ▵ £18,000 - £25,000

Job Purpose

Managing the admin and the operations for one or several key accounts of the branch taking in account the KPI, priority and Standard Operating Procedure.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensuring that all reports are properly updated in respect of the KPI
  • Ensuring that cargo is properly booked from the warehouse
  • Managing link between the warehouse and operation
  • Managing the receipt into customer system
  • Liaising with the suppliers on behalf of the customer
  • Assisting the customer with the import / export paperwork requirements
  • Researching and planning the most appropriate route for a shipment (Airfreight, Seafreight, charter)
  • Obtaining , checking and preparing documentation to meet customs/Airline requirements, packing specifications and compliance with overseas countries’ regulations
  • Liaising with third parties to move goods (by road, rail, air or sea) in accordance with customer requirements
  • Arranging air/sea/road/ courier transport including extremely urgent and high value freight
  • Working closely with customers, colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations to deadlines

Minimum Requirements

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to implement change
  • Enthusiasm / Flexibility


  • Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the departmental and company procedure manual.
  • Ensure that I understand the Rules and Regulations of all statutory bodies
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