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Logistics Specialist – South Gate – USA

Job Overview

Key responsibilities

  • Communicate to the customer where required as a single point of contact in support to the Operations, IT, and Program Manager.
  • Receive and compile daily report for specific customers
  • Compile Weekly Trailer Utilization Report and highlight low performing sites. Follow up for improvement for impacted sites.
  • Prepare weekly update for Customers to send to management regarding the week activity.
  • NDRO and Full Reallocation File Management – Assist ESS team to handle distribution errors and coordinate with Customers to receive correct allocation file when required.
  • Reviewing SCAN hygiene weekly report and directing corrective measures to the sites, as well follow the events have been updated before the end of the week. Forward any missing SCANs to IT where operations completed their updates.
  • Investigating cases where wrong SCANs have been sent and work with IT to fix the issue. Create IT ticket for retriggering missing SCANs.
  • Work with IT for Tickets raised by the facility that need escalation and immediate support
  • Container Inventory report – run report and check if containers are being worked on FIFO and level of priority basis. Communicate with the facilities that are not following the cadence to make necessary improvements.
  • Freight on the floor – Analyse the daily report from all sites and check for ageing freight, query the site for any freight over 48hrs and monitor that freight is loaded within 24 hrs.
  • Trailer Inventory – Analyse trailers are being loaded in FIFO and monitor trailers in loading status over 48hrs, as well check with sites for multiple trailers with same FC.
  • Refusals – constantly monitor the refusal frequency at the sites and check with operations what action to be put in place to minimize these.
  • Container Demurrage Monitor – Check list of containers in demurrage and verify if this is in line with containers on customs hold. Highlight any gap to the facility to pick up any containers left at Port. Publish daily performance.
  • Container Per Diem Monitor – Check list of containers going in per diem in 2 days and check with HUDD for pick up schedule. Once container cross LFD, escalate the report to management. Publish daily performance.
  • Weekly Performance Analysis (From ATA to AV, AV to Gate Out, Gate in to Open, Open to Tender, Tender to Pick up) across all sites to understand the current performance to share with Customers the overall lead time.
  • Review Customers Weekly SCAN Hygiene report and delegate to facilities for missing milestones due to missing operational updates on system and raising to IT any missing milestone that appear to be EDI issue.
  • Support to share with the team any changes in Customers loading guidelines and update the Customers SOP with any changes in operation process.
  • Weekly Trailer Dwell Report for trailers in Carrier Notify that are dwelling over 48hrs. Send to Customers to help for yard space management.
  • Identify operational issues raised by Customers, update operations OIL List and work with facility to do process observation and find the root cause of the problem. Provide recommendations of changes needed and support PM to raise to management for necessary action.
  • Participate in the Weekly Customers IT OIL List meeting to understand Developments that are in progress and support PM where required.
  • Assist in planning overall operation for 7 facilities
  • Point of Contact for Customer to address and resolve problems
  • Process all FTZ documentation for cross border shipments
  • Proactively monitor all daily activities with brokerage companies for multiple sites.
  • Manage Customs record keeping, database entry and filing. Maintenance of all regulatory paperwork and import records
  • Identify and resolve issues hindering customs clearance
  • Work with Maersk CHB teams to remove all holds
  • Secure delivery appointments and complete track and track for all shipments
  • Other duties as assigned

We are looking for

  • Bachelor degree preferred but not required
  • Strong analytical skills, combined with detailed practical business acumen
  • Experience with drayage and port activity
  • Experience managing carrier and logistics performance monitoring and reporting
  • Support the preparation and updating of ad hoc reporting as required using DDSI Proprietary reporting tools and other software applications
  • Proven ability to identify improvement opportunities and perform business and cost analysis to make recommendations
  • Working simultaneously on multiple, complex projects
  • Ability to work independently, typically initiating own tasks without input/guidance from manager
  • Must possess skillset to work in team environment
  • Must possess a self-starter attitude
  • Experience in quantitative applications such as Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Company Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401k + Company Match
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Work Schedules (when possible)
  • And more!

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Maersk, USA

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