GP Logistics

Logistics Coordinator – Newport, UK

Job Expired

Job Overview

Job Purpose Statement:
You will work as part of an established duty team responsible for completing/submitting Import, Export Customs Form C88 Declarations, Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) New Computerised Transit System ( NCTS ), ATR, EUR, T2L, Certificate of Origin to enable the cargo to move within and outside the EU
obtain all the required documentation, information and times as instructed/requested by your Clients or Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport..
You will complete all HMRC/cargo documentation relevant to the port call and will coordinate Hmrc requirements on behalf of our Clients. You will be responsible for calculating and keying accurate Data pro-forma via third party bespoke software or Government Portal.
Organisation Structure:
Report to: Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• You will obtain all the required to obtain documentation, information from the Importer, Exporter, Clients, Warehouse Keeper, Owner of the goods and or the Exporter Prior to the completing the declaration
• Be responsible for the accurate preparation, completion, Emcs, Export & Import documentation
via third party bespoke software or Government Portal
• Communicating / Emailing the various documentation to Clients, Importer, Exporter, Warehouse Keepers, Hauliers, Agents
• Prepare and complete all data input accurate information within our operating system ‘Datafreight. Net’,
• Accurately calculate Invoice Sales, within on our operating system ‘Datafreight. Net’,
• Develop and maintain strong working relationships with Clients, Importer, Exporter, Warehouse Terminal personnel,
• Assist the Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport. in the training and support of new Employees in the role of Logistics Coordinator,
• The prompt communication of problems, in particular emergency situations in accordance with established Emergency Response Procedures,
• Attend both offsite & onsite training courses arranged by the company to build up you own knowledge and experience.
• This will often involve you working out-of-office hours, evenings, and weekends as per our department rota system or directed by the department Manager / Director,
• Updating & invoicing jobs to clients
• Ensuring our operating system ‘Datafreight. Net’ is updated in a timely manner
• Completing customer care responses within the required timescale
• Ability to work to strict timescales in a fast-paced environment.
• Dealing with any internal & external account queries
General Responsibilities:
• To maintain good and effective working relationships with the Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport., members of the local office staff team, members of the Newport 24-hour Emcs support team & work colleagues at other offices,
• Take reasonable care of your own health, safety and well-being, that of your work colleagues and other personnel who may be affected by your actions or omissions,
• Be responsible for promptly reporting accidents, ‘near miss’ incidents, dangerous occurrences and unsafe working practices to the Director as per established Company health and safety procedures,
• Communication of any updated local information received to the Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport..
• Undertake any other reasonable duties as and when requested by your Manager – Revenue & Customs / Director, Newport..


Skills, Qualifications, Experience:
You will only be considered to be a Logistics Coordinator either –
1. After having served a minimum of one full year in the industry in an equivalent position, or after having proved your competency as a Logistics Coordinator with the Company.
The job holder should have either experience, understanding or qualification in the following –
• Be highly self-motivated, able to work independently and within a close-knit operational team,
• Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills,
• Be able to demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail,
• Be self-disciplined, reliable, and capable of working to set time frames, often out-of-office hours.
Key challenges and Targets:
• Absolute reliability to complete all documentation to the highest possible standard, unattended and unsupervised.
• To think rationally and act promptly when faced with unexpected problems which require urgent attention,
• As you to grow in experience to continue your education by taking part in Hmrc or third party training studies / Course,
• To take every opportunity to learn as much as possible about different types of HMRC Procedures & comply with latest HMRC Procedures in relation to Import, Export, Emcs , NCTS, ATR, EUR, T2L, Certificate of Origin & Export,
• To develop a good understanding of all contacts in the commercial chain.


Working Relationships:
Internal: Director, Logistics Team members, Assistant Manager, Senior Ships Agents & Trainee Ships Agents.
External: Clients, Importer, Exporter, Hmrc, Warehouse Keepers, Ship’s Masters and crew, port authority and terminal staff,
other port service providers.

  • This job has expired!