Toll Group, USA

Export Agent – Los Angeles – USA

Job Overview

Primary duties & responsibilities

  • Emails communications with individuals, foreign and domestic
  • Handles day to day operations, for both Ocean/Air Exports
  • Tracks and traces export ocean/air cargo from departure to arrival
  • Completes data entry, status reports, and monitors shipment status
  • Updates KPI/Data Compliance/invoicing, auto-rating requirements
  • Maintains Job Management
  • Maintains job costing/billing/invoicing
  • Coordinates bookings with carriers and service providers.
  • Follows up with warehouse for on-hands, shipment processes
  • Completes data entry in Toll platform CW1 (Cargowise) – experience recommended
  • Creates shipments in the CW1 Platform
  • Files AES
  • Submits invoicing
  • Engages with all Customers to fill their requirements
  • Ensures all processing is aligned within the company’s internal KPI’s
  • Other duties as assigned by management


Education & Experience
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 1 year of experience in global forwarding Export with operations and customer service experience

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