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NF Global Logistics Ltd is a UK Freight Forwarder, we specialise in global freight logistics.

We provide everything you need for worldwide delivery by sea, air and road. We have established over many years a network of partners and agents at all the major ports in the world. We have the knowledge and expertise on a local basis.

We have  a team of  experienced staff and we are confident we have the resources to satisfy all your import, export, warehousing and storage needs.

Our client and customer service based approach to freight forwarding has enabled us to establish long term relationships with our clients and suppliers alike. Our professionalism and knowledge is there for you to utilise to provide you with the confidence that all our freight services are delivered on time and on budget. 

Whether it’s export packing, loading and unloading containers, trailers or that just in time van delivery,  you can have no doubt that we will handle it with great efficiency and attention.

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