Europa Worldwide Group

We have a passion for logistics.

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Europa Worldwide Group

We have a passion for logistics.

About Us

Europa Worldwide Group is a fast-growing privately-owned freight forwarder which is structured into 4 operating companies – Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, Europa Warehouse and Europa Showfreight.

Europa Road operates the UK’s largest European groupage hub which is situated in Dartford. It’s network of 10 UK branches trunk into Dartford from where freight connects with daily, direct services to 30 continental hubs.

Europa Air & Sea’s team provide bespoke services to its clients from its branches in the UK and Hong Kong.

Europa Warehouse offers 3rd party logistics services to clients, from its 3 substantial warehouses in Dartford, Northampton and Birmingham.

Europa Showfreight provides logistics services for goods going to and from exhibitions.

Following an ambitious front-end restructuring of the business after Andrew Baxter acquired it in 2013, turnover has grown from £76m to £141m in 2017, organic volume growth across the business is running at 20 per cent and its presence in the market is stronger than ever before. The company employs more than 650 people in the UK and Hong Kong.

The business has succeeded through a combination of friendly people management and investing heavily in IT and physical infrastructure.