How to create a safe and positive work environment

Have you ever heard ‘it’s not the job, it’s the management’?
Well, there’s the secret. Employees are often loyal to a company when there is mutual respect between themselves and their employers. Creating a safe space and a positive environment in the workplace is key to having loyal employees who perform at their best.

So how do you create this safe and positive environment?
Check out our top tips below:

  • Provide opportunities
    Do you have anything in place that will help your employee progress further in their career within the workplace? How can you help them get there?
  • Be considerate
    Often employees can feel overwhelmed, which leads to a lower-quality outcome in their work. As much as everyone would like an employee to work above and beyond, remember that they are people, not robots. Ask yourself if their workload is too demanding. How are they coping and what can you do to help and support them?
  • Be inclusive
    Make your employees feel included and ask for their opinion on group decisions, where it is appropriate. By simply asking for their opinion, you are showing that they are valued.
  • Celebrating wins
    Celebrating individual and team wins is an excellent way of boosting morale in the workplace. It can help employees to feel appreciated and give them an incentive to keep up the good work. These can be things such as certificates, a box of chocolates or even a bonus as a reward.
  • Make conversation
    Having casual conversations with your employees about themselves as individuals can make them feel more at ease and build a rapport. While it is important to remain mostly professional in the workplace, by showing an interest in individuals it can make the workplace a more positive environment that is enjoyable to be in. People generally work better when they feel positive.
  • Mental health resources
    It is a good idea to implement a helpline or some sort of support system within the company where employees can go to if they are struggling with anything so that they can speak with a professional for advice. Even posters in bathroom stalls or in staff rooms with a list of contact numbers for helplines based on certain situations can be beneficial for those who are struggling but do not feel comfortable reaching out to anyone they know.
  • Host work events
    It can be fun to host work events that are more informal and sociable, such as Christmas parties. It is a good way to alleviate any tension and build relationships with colleagues as it creates a sense of trust that transfers to the workplace. It can also help employees to feel less isolated in work and as though they are in a safer environment because they are more comfortable with those in their surroundings.
  • Physical workspace
    You should provide a clean and comfortable workspace that is not cramped in order to make your employees feel comfortable and relaxed. Not only is this beneficial for the employee, it is beneficial to you as the employer. This is because people tend to work their best when they feel relaxed and so a nice desk with a comfortable chair can do wonders. You could even go as far as to provide an assortment of refreshments and equipment in the staff room such as tea, coffee, a kettle and a toaster. Having a designated space where your employees can separate themselves from their work during breaks can refresh their mind so they return ready to do the best that they can.
  • Check up on each other
    Not only is it the kind thing to do but also if an employee seems ‘off’ within themselves, that will more than likely reflect in their work. Why not invite them for a friendly chat? Make them feel as though they can confide in you. This is an excellent way to build a strong relationship with your employees and overall have a stronger team.
  • Job perks
    This is not a necessity, but many employees will appreciate having a few job perks. For example, a discount for a gym membership or free eye tests. These are little things that can help an employee feel cared for. A healthy body means a healthy mind and healthy minds perform better.