Demonstrate leadership in a remote work setting with these 7 strategies

Excel in your communication

  • Communicate with intention. Regular touchpoints via email, instant messaging, and video calls can bridge the distance. Be succinct and purposeful to prevent any confusion. But remember, rapport is built in the lighter moments—don’t shy away from the occasional non-work chitchat.
  • Embrace video. In the absence of physical presence, video is your strongest ally. Use it to convey your message with the added depth of visual and vocal cues. Video allows you to connect more deeply and emotionally with your people. Before engaging in any important communications, ask yourself if video is the right vehicle. And consider creating video weekly or monthly updates.
  • Leverage collaboration tools. Tools like Slack and Asana are your digital workspace. Know them inside out and communicate with intent, replacing the nuances lost when you’re communicating with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Also, use these tools to host some of the more informal interactions that are normally part of the in-person environment.

Optimise your meetings

Whether you’re leading or attending, virtual meetings are your stage. Command attention, drive the agenda, and demonstrate your leadership acumen. Meetings have always been the best place to demonstrate your leadership and build your personal brand. When it comes to virtual meetings, up your game. Know how to captivate online, keeping participants engaged.

Bring a human touch to the digital Gap

  • Acknowledge and appreciate. Recognition goes a long way. According to Great Place to Work, 37% of employees value acknowledgment above all. Be the leader who celebrates every win, and do it publicly. Everyone likes to be lauded in the presence of their peers.
  • Be doubly human. Authentic leaders foster connection. In a world where disconnection is prevalent, your genuine engagement can rekindle team spirit. Deliberately inject humanity into your interactions with your people. With team cohesion waning and tech taking over the workplace, focus on the humanity.
  • Reserve time for meaningful chats. Set aside dedicated hours for engaging in non-work related activities. Understanding and supporting team members’ unique circumstances can alleviate the isolation of remote work.

Promote team development and enhance growth

Lead the charge in virtual team-building activities. Shared experiences can forge stronger bonds and spotlight you as a visionary leader. A shared learning experience, for instance, can build team cohesion. Promote continuous learning and personal development. Share your expertise and encourage your team to grow with you. Sponsor team development that focuses on social skills to help everyone get to know each other better.

Maximise in-person interaction opportunities

The rarity of in-person interactions makes them invaluable. Use these occasions for meaningful engagements and to foster genuine relationships. When you have the opportunity for in-person team gatherings, prioritize group activities to foster human connections.

Establish yourself as a leader of ideas

By being visible on social media platforms, or on stage at conferences, you become visible to your team and colleagues. Remember to connect with your team members in all relevant social media platforms. Collaborate with colleagues to produce valuable thought-leadership content that you can share with internal and external stakeholders.

Set the standard through personal leadership

Show how disciplined remote work looks. Your example sets a precedent for your team’s work habits. When it comes to delegation, make sure the team knows that it’s not just about offloading tasks; it’s about instilling confidence and nurturing decision-making abilities.

As a remote leader or future remote leader, cultivating these seven interconnected skills is essential. They not only position you as an effective leader but also as an inspiring one, who leads with heart and transparency, inspiring a team that’s connected, engaged, and collectively pursuing the team mission.