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ForwardingJobs is a specialist job board and recruitment consultancy for the freight & logistics industry, covering all positions from import co-ordinators to sales managers, ocean shipping clerks to freight forwarders.

Whether you are a hiring manager looking for your next freight superstar, or you are a freight superstar looking for your new home in the logistics industry, we have the knowledge and experience to get you there.

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The freight industry is a classic combination of under-appreciated and utterly essential.  Everything you see (even the building you’re in) was shipped, in one piece or in lots, from one place or from many, to where you are now.  But that sort of logistics magic doesn’t just happen all by itself.  It takes personnel and expertise.  From the sales executive who took the order, to the freight forwarder who linked all the routes, to the operations clerk who arranged the details, to the import guy who negotiated the transit, to the customs clearance agent who dealt with the documentation, to the supply chain specialist who arranged things back home, to the warehousing depot that held it for distribution, to the customer services rep who told you it was on its way, to the driver who delivered it, even the managers who run the teams and the HR people who hired them all…there’s a good chance we put them there.

Find your perfect job in
freight, logistics, supply chain, forwarding…